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September 20, 2006


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"I can tell you the precise instant I became wary of my fellow humans' capacity to act humanely under stressful circumstances. I think I was twelve or so, when a teacher in an ethics class told us about this famous experiment."

I was just a bit older. Watching it, I knew that it could happen anywhere. It may have been a terrible experiment (ethically speaking), but I still think the results demonstrate a terribly important message: watch yourself, think critically, harm no one.

Revising the Geneva Convention? Defining which kinds of torture are permissible because we need to do it? I didn't vote for him. I am all kinds of horrified over this, and delighted that John McCain and Colin Powell are standing strong against the President's vision.

As a safety measure? We *know* that torture does not provide "better" intelligence. It provides anything the torturer wants to hear that will MAKE IT STOP. And, politically? If we want to continue to believe that what we stand for is better than what our *enemies* stand for, it seems only logical that we should not be doing the same or worse... Ethically? Torture is repugnant, despicable, and morally wrong. And state-sanctioned torture seems worse.

Thanks for your good work.

P.S. I apologize if this shows up twice. I posted it to the friends page link, but realized that it hadn't shown up here.


Strong agreement from me.

I'm Amnesty International's Student Area Co-Ordinator and I spent the last year toing-and-froing across the state to churn out petitions and raise awareness. It got a little hard in Greenwich and Darien.

I remember the moment I realized the limits to good behavior. When my grandparents talked to me about what they did during WWII, when I was about twelve.

I was thrilled to vote in 2004. I was very dissapointed at the outcome. I think it's maddenning that any country can even talk about legalizing *torture*

I'm debating chaining myself to some White House installation, in some sort of Amnesty International T-Shirt. Because this is all kinds of bad.

Hopefully, the midterms will give the Democrats either the house or the senate, to stop this mendacious insanity in its tracks. Of course, I shudder to think what it'll reveal once it orders investigations.

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