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November 21, 2006


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Will Baird

The first couple times I went to Ukraine, I found the place charming and different. I especially liked the touristy places: Crimea, Carpathia, and Kiev since they had the idea that it needed to be clean.

Visiting the Donbass region has been a bit crushing...and shown the /real/ Ukraine. It's filthy and squalid. We're working on getting my wife's family out. It'll take time and patience, but I am determined. No one should have to live like that.

No one should have to put up with the politics like that. Ukrainian politics make Shrub et al look positive competent and incorruptible. Given that I know about your feelings about Shrubbish, you should have some idea about how I feel about Ukrainian politics.


Claudia, dear, I am sorry that you guys are in an unhappy place. I didn't know how corrupt Armenia is; you must have to stash small amounts of cash on your persons for every day actions that we take for granted.

Love, hugs, and wishes for things to improve for all of you - and for the Armenians, too


I am so sorry that you guys are unhappy. Thank goodness that it will be for 2 years at most. If you need to escape, there are two unoccupied rooms in Bethesda MD just waiting for you. We could even double up one of the boys in Allison's room. Although, we won't be able to do that when they're teenagers (especially after seeing the cute T-Day pix).... :-) Must go to pick up the pink thing.

Hugs from cooling Maryland. 54 days!


Dear Claudia & Doug:

Hang in there. It's winter and the approaching ever present cold affects our moods and attitudes.

There are human reasons there are so many Hollidays from late November forward.

I'm just trying to be positive here...you guys have soooooo much to be thankful for...each other, the kids, your intelligence.

Truly, you are Blessed.

Best Wishes, Traveller


The former Soviet territory always had two troubles: roads and fools. But life goes on, and the list of troubles gets certain national colour. It seems, that in Ukraine now it is necessary to be afraid not only of "fools" and "roads", but “ crisis struggle” and “Euro 2012 preparation”.

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