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January 03, 2007


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Eeeek! I am sure that sums up any of your readers' reactions. It was mine this morning, although I suspect I wasn't very coherent on the phone.

I vote for #4 -- None of the above. The only good thing is that you weren't actually *in* the house when the radiators exploded. After all, my future son-in-law (whichever one it will be) or my machatunum (Yiddish for the parents-in-law of your child) might have been injured. That would have been a BAD thing.

Sending warm and comfy thoughts in your direction.

Natalie -- the other half of the cruise.


Poor Claudia and family... Even with all these disasters you should not cancel the cruise... probably the main repairs are going to be finished by then, even if they still need to do the details (i.e the heaters are working but the wall and floor still look horrible).
Do not forget you need to be fit for starting a wonderful new year in Yerevan so you need some nice days before continue to do your great work as manager of the Muir-Drescher family.

tu cuNada

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