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November 29, 2007


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Considering that people from my neck of the woods still say Oh Ja for Oh Yes, this isn't at all surprising. You can hear the vestigial German in the local accent.


Not that I was surprised, but I got total northeast (duh, never lived anywhere else until I moved to MD...). New Jersey follows me everywhere.


Quiz was rye-t ahnn tarrrget fer me. It pehhged me as havin an accent frum the INLAND NORTH. Which, is exactly where I'm from!!

Jussi Jalonen

All the other questions were easy to answer, but the ninth question would be the deal-breaker. Frankly, without an outside opinion on my pronounciation, I really don't know how to answer that one.

The problem is that as I speak it, the "o"-sound in "hot", "horrible" and "whore" is exactly similar in all three words; the same standard "o"-sound familiar from my mother tongue. In the last word, the vowel is obviously longer, but it's still the same vowel.

On the basis of that, I should probably pick the "hot"-option, in which case my result is "The Northeast", and I could pass as a New Yorker.

On the other hand, assuming that I pick the "whore"-option, my result is "The Inland North". I'm not from Wisconsin, but the Great Lakes region did attract a substantial number of fellow countrymen, so I guess this would make sense.

On the other hand, I definitely do not call carbonated drinks "pop", because that's a ridiculous word to use. So this might steer me towards the New York option.


J. J.

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