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December 05, 2007


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We thought about cloth nappies before A was born, but started out with disposables. I like the disposables and, as much as I'd love to switch, I've become too lazy and too dependent on them. I admire your perseverance to keep going with cloth! Maybe once A stops wetting a billion nappies a day we'll change. And I really love the look of those gDiapers!

Friends of mine in the UK use ecological disposables, which they buy online. The nappies are totally bio-degradable. They come from Norway or Sweden and that's one way to get rid of the guilt. Sadly, I can't get them here in Poland.


Your blog on cloth versus disposable diapers took me back to 30+ years ago. When our daughter was born,I stocked up pre folded +stitched cloth diapers and I used them all the time. Our washer ran constantly and since we lived in Fla,I hung them outside to dry. I used disposable ones once in a while. I also used cloth when our son was born. My husband and I got very deft at pinning this huge cloth diaper on our premie 4.5 lb son.

When we took a long car trip, I did use disposable diapers.

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