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February 14, 2008


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Wonderful,Claudia,glad it all worked out. Yes,owning a home will take a lot of physical labor but painting and remodeling are very good tension relievers! I know that from experience.
It's also wonderful that you'll be close to your mom. Glad for you.


Very nice, though the purple tile in the bathroom needs to be chased out of town. Definitely sounds Natalie-friendly. Look for us in late December, as Larry has agreed to a visit. :-)

Lois Fundis

Claudia (and Doug and kids), I'm so happy you found a nice house, and near your family, too.

What a lovely lilac bush -- one of the first things I did when I bought my house was to plant a lilac!

And trees! Your boys are going to have lots of fun there.


Sounds like a great solution. If Doug gets a job in someplace that you'd be willing to go to, will you rent it out?


Sounds like a lovely place to call your base.


Looks good, I will come laden with wireless routers and access points. Signal strength will be extra strong in the purple bathroom!

I don't recall any FAST FOOD places in that town :-(


Larry, I am sure Claudia will find some yummy German salamis for you...


I have to confess, Fast Food was not on the list of qualifying criteria. ;-) Did I say "butcher"? Salami, Bratwurst, Liverwurst, and meat galore; we'll feed you!

Re the router - just bring the laptop. DSL and Wireless, although not mentioned, are the first things on the list to go into the house. Everything to make you feel right at home!

Doug (not Muir)

"from the kindergarten und in the"

Blogging with an accent!

(And congratulations on the house. Looks like we are headed in the other direction. Iris has signed a contract to head on of the German political foundations' Tbilisi office.)


Ach! That's silly - why do come into the Caucasus now that we are leaving! That's just not fair.

I heard Georgia is nice. We never made it (see car trouble). A lot of snow! ;-)


"from the kindergarten und in the"

Blogging with an accent!


I think my brain saw the "kindergarten" and insisted on a German word. It's hard to live with my brain sometimes.


I'd live with your brain, if I was given the chance. It's cute, interesting, witty, and smart (in several laguages...)


yay sausages! I mean, yay housewarming!

Doug (not Muir)

"I think my brain saw the "kindergarten" and insisted on a German word."

I figured you were writing offline given the intermittent internet difficulties in Yerevan, and Word's autocorrect feature put in the German word.

As for the timing, Fistful central says that there's only room for one correspondent named Doug at a time in the Caucasus. Seriously though, it's too bad we won't overlap. Iris will be doing stuff for the Heinrich Böll Foundation, and the dates depend mostly on how they move people around. Our ETA is June. I hope to get into Armenia, and into Karabakh, since I wrote my thesis on it lo these many years ago. But Georgia looks very interesting, and I'm hoping that I will be able to take my main project from my present job with me when we go. The client is in Switzerland, so I'm sorta working remotely to begin with. We'll see.

The house looks lovely!


hi! pretty house; I love mid-20thc houses so much!

Noel Maurer

Claudia, please send me an email. I know that you and Doug are peripatetic, and while Amma and I can't make it to Germany in April or May, we have a June proposition that may interest you.

Also --- very nice looking house. Would it violate a German norm to ask how many square feet and how much you paid for it?


Nope. I mean, it would not violate German norm. I don't think.

The house has 134 square meters (1442 square feet) and it cost 74,000 Euros. It has a yard of 1,300 square meters (0.3 acres) with lots of trees and and a full fence all around it (great for runaway kids like Jacob!). It seemed like the right size for a vacation/base home.


Yay! I'm so happy for all of you.

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