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April 21, 2009


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Me please!

Here's mine:


Alrighty, then. Here's mine. Somehow, I think whatever you make will be much cooler...



Does it count if I don't have a blog? I can just send it to my friends? Do you know me? I am Doug's first cousin once removed. He's actually my mom's cousin but he's closer to my age than hers. His grandmother, Elsie Muir was my great grandmother. I love to make things and have been reading your blog daily since I got the Christmas letter from your family.


Hi Claudia
I guess I'm one of the 'ghosts' who've been reading your blog but not commenting.
I came across it by accident & remembered you guys from the old LMB e-list days.
I don't have a blog either (but am happy to make the email offer to a whole raft of friends) -- and live in NZ -- which might make sending a touch tricky -- but what the heck!


Naw, I accept you all. :-)

I'll write you all private emails to get/confirm mailing addresses later today or tomorrow (crazy day today - swim and music lessons!).

Stephanie, of course I know who you are! I'm touched that you're reading the blog, that is really sweet. Your girls are gorgeous and wonderful, it sounds like they are the perfect kids!
(Did you see the post about Nana's kitchen wallpaper? Do you remember this wallpaper in her kitchen?)

Mr. X

Hey, how about something for a very low-profile reader who doesn't have a blog? For if I did, then I wouldn't be me.

I only count 4 responses and if I'm wrong, how about a dispensation?

Feedjit won't help ;-)


Well, if you did something (for free) for five people, I guess then it would count. The whole purpose is to pay it forward, not to reap benefits only.

You could, for instance, build a computer for three little boys...

(I'm so funny.)

Mr. X

> You could, for instance, build a > computer for three little boys...

Yes, that is possible. One little boy who likes to play fancy pants INSISTED on it being green!

Then of course there is the problem of shipping.


Green is fine. :-)

No, seriously, we're thinking about that commission. The senior husband is coming in May to knock on doors and beg for jobs. But then, he needs a new laptop too and that might just exceed our budget, so the three little fancy pants may have to wait. Btw, Doug needs some advice on what to get.

But I'm curious - did you get this domain just for this post? I would be flattered... :-)


Funny how you knew who Mr. X was immediately. And no, Mr. X does not own whatever domain he is pretending to come from. Just saying. :-)

Elder Husband is welcome to stay here, if he needs time away from hullabaloo. (Swapping one house with four kids for another isn't ... restful.)

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