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June 10, 2009


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With THREE older brothers, you better expect Leah to learn to stand up for herself in all sorts of ways, very quickly!A

And pretty rainbow. What is the German for "rainbow"?


Damn she's cute!


The only planting I do is on Farm Town.

I miss you.

Jussi Jalonen

Goanna is a monitor lizard; the German word is "Waran". What you have in mind is gecko, also found outside Australia.

Actually, when you mentioned specifically Australia, I was thinking of frilled lizard, but they're mostly famous for walking in upright position (sort of).


J. J.


No, not geckos. I'm thinking of those Australian reptiles that will climb up anything when they get scared. In a panic, they take any vertical structure, no matter what, and if it happens to be a human, then be it. The problem is that they have vicious claws and will rip you to shreds while scrambling upwards.

It's one of those animals that when you see it run towards you, lie down.

Jussi Jalonen

Okay, you're right, it's a goanna; I had to look it up.

I was not familiar with this behavior; I had never heard of it in the context of the African monitor lizards, even though they are members of the same genus.

But yeah, the Australian ones seem to be famous for it.


J. J.

Doug M.

I lived with geckos for many years. They're cute but harmless (except to insects) -- most are just a few cm long and weigh less than 20 grams.

Doug M.

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