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June 21, 2009


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You buy one of those, and you know that I will have to copy you. And TheHusband (younger) will frown. Loudly.

As for GWL -- we were talking about suggesting that but thought nah, they wouldn't go again, this time with FOUR kids. Please try to firm up those dates, and maybe we'll be able to meet you.


Heh, as long as the beds aren't flea-infested, I'm fine with it. :-)

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Chronic non-specific diarrhea in Toddlers

  • Pediatrics in Review
    If you have access to medical papers, this is the one you have to read. This is the one that made me go "OH!". It's short and sweet, but protected.
  • Chronic nonspecific diarrhea
    This short piece contains some good suggestions about dietary management of chronic non-specific diarrhea.
  • Toddler's diarrhea
    Another short overview.
  • Toddler Diarrhea - Symptoms
    A good brief overview over what Toddler Diarrhea is and what not. A very good starting point.

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