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July 12, 2009


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You have awesome kids! :) And I'm all for eclectic educations.


Here's one of my stories about eclectic education from a different perspective!

Our younger son, back when he was much younger, loved to do chemistry experiments. Typically these were very simple experiments with vinegar, baking soda, rot kohl or raw red cabbage, etc. So, when I saw a place mat with the periodic table of the elements, figured he'd love it, and he did. Had great fun learning the names and symbols and quizzing his older brother. Note, he was ~7 at this time.

When he started back to school in the fall, the teacher asked each student to bring 3 things into class to use in telling the class a bit about themselves. He brought a stuff animal, his GameBoy with a Pokemon game, and his place mat with the elements. He then proceeded to tell the class about elements. His teacher attempted to translate down to a Grade 2 level, with much difficulty. It was something of an introduction to that teacher! Luckily, she was more amused and happy to be challenged than put out.

The New York City Math Teacher

I watched Carl Sagan's Cosmos series, when it was broadcast on PBS twenty nine years ago. When I went into school the next day and began talking about black holes, I was sent to the principal's office by a young and ignorant kindergarden teacher. Luckily, Rabbi Goodman knew what I was talking about.

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