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October 09, 2009


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:( Now burning is one thing my kids haven't done to themselves...yet! Is it bad?


Well... we didn't have to take her to the doctor -- or rather, we decided it was not necessary. She seems fine, slept well and is active and happy. But we needed to wrap her hand up entirely.

She has several blisters on her fingers, and a really big one across the top of her palm (you know, the raised area underneath the fingers?). We want those blisters to stay intact as long as possible to protect the healing skin underneath, so we put moist burn pads on them and wrapped her hand up in gauze. And taped her hand like a boxer's, eventually, because she kept pulling the bandage off. She didn't take the dressing well, and we have to change it today, I suspect.

You know how you get afterimages from bright lights sometimes? I had those blisters pop up before my eyes every time I closed them to go to sleep last night. She doesn't seem to mind but I'm feeling awful.

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