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June 12, 2010


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Looks really beautiful!
Fantastic work, Claudia!
But it seems too difficult for me... I was even unable to read the full instructions. I will keep my awful one (-:



Doug M.

My contribution:

C: "Which do you think, this or the brown?"

D: "Brown hides stains. There will be stains."

C: "Yes, but patterns hide stains too."

D: "Okay."

I don't know what she'd do without me.

Doug M.


Beautiful! You are better than Martha Stewart! And where do you get the energy to do all this? I admire you.


Oooh, pretty! Remind me to give you the bright pink booster seat covered with yellow crowns, when TPT outgrows it. Because I am helpful that way.

Anne @ floralshowers craft blog

How cool. I wish I would have seen this tutorial before I recovered my seat. I actually took my entire seat apart, piece by piece...sewed a new piece of material over each piece and then sewed it all back together. A lot of work! I guess it was okay, just another way of doing it. I wonder which way I would like best...though I hope that I never have to re-cover another seat again to find out!!!!

you can check out my seat here:


you did a wonderful job! =)

Leigh-Ann, Certified carseat tech

While its cute, unfortunatly it is not safe at all to use a handmade cover. You dont want to make your child into a crash test dummy do you?
Also, if your seat is that old that you cannot find a manufacturer made cover for it, then its most likely expired. Carseats expire after 5-6 years depending on the model.

Looks like its time to buy a new carseat! You can use your fancy one as a fun chair in the playroom or something though!


You are AWESOME! Love, love, love! Thank you for sharing!


Thank you for posting I have been looking everywhere!!


Wow!! That came out great!! We just got a new car and my son got a new seat because has outgrown his old one and my poor daughter's is looking shabby. Might have to try this!! Thank you!

Acacia Tanner

This is a wonderful idea but to a first time sewer like me it is kinda scary you should consider selling and making these on etsy it is truly unique and would be one of a kind so so cute!!

Jenn-lee at Moments

Found your tutorial through Pinterest. I am 36 wks prego and about to have my first boy after having 4 girls! Our car seat is pink. YIKES! So we are in frantic mode. I have been thinking either I buy a new car seat more gender neutral or buy a cover that still is pricey. I have looked at tutorials like you mentioned int he beginning and never felt confident enough to seam rip the cover up. THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking the time to make this tutorial. I think I actually could do this on my own. I guess I better get on it since he might show up this week. Thank you so much!


Have all 4 girl been in one car seat and it's not expired?
About the post... where is the chest clip for this seat? -_-


Mamas--this is dangerous to do. It is not fire retardant like standard carseat covers are required to be, and any aftermarket things will void the warrenty on your seat, plus they are not safe. While it is adorable to do to your stroller, you should not do this to your carseat.

Jenn-lee at Moments

To Jess,No,The car seat is only 22 mos old. Was only used for 14 mos of that.I have read up on every safety concern/ and insurance/warranty liability there is on this.I have read many tutorials with lots of nasty but informative and interesting comments on safety concerns as well.I will use a flame retardant spray for cottons to make sure it is flame resistant also.


That is so stinkin cute! Thanks for sharing. I feel so inspired :)


After market products are dangerous and not covered under any car seat warranty. Also most states have a proper use class and by using a after market product you are breaking the law. A cute car seat is not worth your childs' life!


Personally, I suspect all the vodka my kid spilled on the old seat cover will end up being more flammable than the new cotton cover, or, say, the non-flame-resistant clothing she'll have on her body. But these comments have opened my eyes! Only kevlar onesies and a closed sippy cup of vodka for us from now on!


Big deal, if you don't like it, don't make one! I for one think this is a fantastic idea, you did an awesome job! Thank you for giving those of us that don't knit-pick people's posts options!


I'm appalled any women would willing put there child in danger for the sake of "cuteness".


Thanks for all the nice comments! It's a fun project and I'm a bit overwhelmed that a simple pin on Pinterest will create such an interest! The power of social media.

For those concerned about safety: Check your assumptions at the door. Also, turn your brains on.

First, just because fire-retardant fabrics on child seats are an industry standard doesn't mean this standard makes sense. If your car is on fire, your car seat is the least worry. Kid's pajamas have to be treated with flame retardants which means you cannot sew pajamas for your kids without endangering them? No. Also, flame retardants are really bad for you and you are willing to expose your child to them? See, you can turn this any way you want.

Second, the car seat was actually checked by an inspector and found safe and sound. Surprise!

As some said, if you don't like it, don't do it. If you jump all over someone without knowing the facts, you come out looking not so good.


Someone asked about the chest clip - in Europe, chest clips are not mandatory and actually considered unsafe. Other countries, other customs...


If your model is so outdated that they stopped making cover years ago, you probably need to throw out the car seat cause there's a good chance this its expired.
I'm NOT saying this seat is expired, just want to make it clear that you can't just cover any old car seat and "make it new"
Personally I would not do this to any car seat, or anything that voids the warranty really, my child's safety is just too important!


The whizzing-crack noise you just heard was a clue being ignored by someone reaching a conclusion at supersonic speeds.


I love it! SUPER CUTE!
I need to recover my daughter's seat as she's stained hers to death and I can't get it out for love or Oxyclean.
Also, I fear for the kids whose parents are so helicopter-y they worry about car seat covers not being flame retardant. You KNOW those are going to be the kids still living in mama's basement in 30 years...
My two year old herds the cows out to pasture. Wonder what they'd say about that?
And why do car seats even have expiration dates? Do you think they turn into pumpkins at midnight on the day they expire? Yeah. Me neither. We just use them so as not to pay the $10 fine if the kid isn't buckled properly when the Trooper pulls you over for hauling the trailer of cattle too fast. :D
Common Sense. A lost art.
(disclaimer, i really don't have expired car seats because my kids aren't old enough for the seats to be expired. and CPS doesn't care that my kids herd cows, but PETA has a problem with our workng dog...)

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