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June 12, 2010


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I used a hammer to flatten down the seams a bit. I guess I was lucky my old seat cover wasn't too bulky. Hope you can finish this project without too much trouble!


Thank you Claudia!!!! I was able to finish it by about 3am last night....Here is a link to my finished product! http://waiting-on-the-sun-to-set.tumblr.com/post/18553577146

Katrina @ The Interrupting Cow

I love this - thanks for posting. I can't wait to try it!!

PS - I saw it on Pinterest and not only repinned but blogged about it, just had to share.


how much will I get for whiplash

this to any car seat, or anything that voids the warranty really, my child's safety

how much will I get for whiplash

all around the car seat. Do make sure that all those little elastic fastening loops will still stick o


No! This is one of the most unsafe ideas I have ever seen! You never alter a car seat in anyway or form! This can cause it to not function as well in the case of an accident! Is new material flame retardant? I doubt it! Never! Alter a seat or use add ons that did not come with the seat they are not safe for baby.



by the way I am A Child Passanger Safety Technician and whoever it is that told you that it was safe should get their certification pulled because they lied to you, this is one of the biggest no-no's in the car seat world. The flame retardant is not a "industry" idea, it is what has been tested by NHTSA to be found the safest for the child in the case of a crash! all the standards for car seats have been tested by NHTSA not independently by the car seat dealers and NHTSA makes FEDERAL standards.


Does nobody realize just how toxic flame retardants are for you and your children? Your child may never be in an accident, but they're sure to breathe in the fumes of those chemicals. As someone who's been in both a bad car accident and had chemical poisoning, I fear the chemicals much, much more with what they've done to me.

I will actually be saving this idea for later! Fun project, cute, and it'll be much less toxic in the long run, too.


a homemade cover does not have any flammability requirements built in, which can make the difference between life and death in a large crash. Anything added to your car seat that didn't come with it not only voids the manufacturer's warranty, but it could also mean that insurance won't cover the seat or your child in an accident - you are taking the risk of turning YOUR child into a crash test dummy.


There have been plenty of studies lately about how toxic flame retardants are and how much of this is already present in human breast milk. I find that very creepy - feeding vulnerable infants toxic substances just because some big company decided to lobby Congress to pass a law to distribute their product. You have to be a bit more discerning about what is legally required and what is actually good for you.
Your car seat may never catch fire - the incidences where this happens are very, very few indeed. But your child WILL be harmed by the flame retardants and that's 100% sure.
I know which is the safer bet for my children.


I love this! What a great idea. Now, if only I could sew....ha!

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