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June 12, 2010


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Yay! I found this on pinterest. I love this tutorial, we're buying new boosters, but I really want to make them pretty (and hopefully spill proof-oilcloth?) As for the naysayers. A warranty, that's just what I want in my child's car seat if we're in a crash. A warranty is only important if you want your money back in the event that your child is harmed in a crash, and if your child is harmed in a crash, I'm pretty sure the car seat warranty is going to be the last thing on your list! If you really want to spread safety awareness on the web perhaps you should search for photos of forward facing 8 month olds. Your efforts would do a lot more good than warning of the evils of home made car seat covers. Just sayin.


I know alot of you saying this is unsafe have our children at heart.But if it so unsafe why was i able to go to toys r us and buy one for my carseat?The cover is made by infantino who i know make alot of baby products but they do not make care seats.My point is what is the differance if we make them or buy them?Great job clauida


Looks great! And mama-hood has become so full of experts, and experts with agendas, (for which they can charge a premium as consultants, pundits, professional baby-proofers, etc.) and blame-layers that people get awfully nervous. And an anonymous internet forum is the perfect place to air out those anxieties. So they can cram it full of walnuts, in my opinion! I love how bright and colorful the cover is, and I really love that you used the old cover to make it rather than making a from-scratch pattern.


Great job. I did something similar recently, but I actually sewed the new fabric directly to the old cover (with a light layer of flannel between to help prevent stains from showing) & then sewed bias tape around the entire perimeter and openings. It turned out really cute.


Bound to get at least one idiot outta the bunch that NEVER knows the "story" first. ALWAYS no ones sotry behind it FIRST. I think its beautiful and smart. JUst for ME i dont have the time or patience to sew though I wish I did!


I love it. I actually had a car seat COMPANY make me a cute cover out of SUPRISE....cotton. So it's your choice no one elses. I WILL be making my son one so thank you for your help on it. You are very talented. Don't do it or even look at it if you have a problem with the way it's done. Just saying to all the negative people.


Haters gonna hate :P If you don't like it, don't do it. Period. I think this tutorial is fantastic. Well done, my dear.


So I'm looking at my apparently expired car seats and wondering why no one bothered to tell me that car seats expire! And, if they do, in fact, magically expire - like milk to they just go bad? Moreover, if they expire, who the heck is going to know?!?!? I've used the same car seat for the last 10 years. All of my children are healthy - none of them have been injured in any sort of car accident... I think I'm going to bookmark this seat cover, since my youngest ought to have a new car seat... not the one that her 10 year old sister used.

As for IdahoBecky, AMEN! I think we could seriously be friends. I'm not spraying my kids jammies to make them fire retarded. If the kids on fire, I think their jammies are going to be the last thing I worry about!


Just out of curiosity, how would this put your child in harms way? The seat cover is attached to the still intact previous cover and the harness ( which is what keeps your child safe) is attached to the seat itself not the fabric...... so how, if you spray it with the flame resistant stuff, is it unsafe? Even IF the fabric fell apart, the harness is what you need to be worrying about. I think it is absolutely the cutest cover I have ever saw! And I will be trying this on my carseat that is not expired.

Laura Wiebe

Hey IdahoBecky, I'm all about re-covered car seats, I've done a bunch myself and also had to deal with nasty comments on safety, I just wanted to comment on the expiration date. The constant freezing and heating of the plastic in different weather makes it brittle over time, that's why they expire.

I love this car seat cover, you would never tell that you didn't take it all apart and the pattern combination is so fun!



Again, heartfelt thanks for all the nice comments.

I do understand that the plastic does get brittle with time, so it makes sense for car seats to expire. Mine hasn't expired, so there's that.

I am not advocating using super old car seats - that's also a reason why I bought mine new, never used. But you also have to keep in mind that car seat companies have an agenda - namely, selling as many car seats as possible.

I would also not continue to use a car seat that has been in an accident, for that matter. Those invisible strain lines might just crack one day when you least expect it.

I'm not totally insane, you know. ;-)


LOL Carrie!!! Good point!! I love this and think it is a wonderful idea! :0)

Mari-Lyn Aguilar

love it... to many negative nellys on here...lol


I am flabbergasted by the constant insinuation that by adding a thin layer of fabric and interfacing to an already approved car seat fabric cover somehow renders it unsafe. If doing so little to the cover can all of a sudden make a car seat unsafe, then it couldn't have been that safe to begin with. Manufacturers just warn harshly about these things because they do not want to be liable if injuries were to occur in a modified version of their car seat...not because they will, but because they could. Get a grip peeps. I LOVE the cover. I may try it if I get brave enough! Little concerned Europe doesn't use chest straps, but that's another can of worms :-) Great job!


It's amazing...! I am wondering about how long it took from start to finish? Am thinking I might use a heavier cord or canvassy fabric to avoid the interfacing step...love it, thanks for the great tutorial!

Annette Baber

This method is much easier than the way I came up with when I recovered my son's baby-swing seat. I soooooo wish I'd seen your instructions first. It would have saved me the hassle of unpicking the original for a pattern! I'm about 3 years too late now, but I'm glad for future reference :) Thank you!:)


FYI... for those of you who are so concerned, the flame retardant in clothing, car seats, pajamas,etc.. is null and void once your child's clothing is washed! So, unless you don't wash your clothes you are also subject to "endangering" your child. Get a grip people!

The cover is amazing! and if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all..


I love it and I'm making it. Thank you!!

Penny Geist

Wow! You did a great job with your old car seat. I love the patterns you used. They're such eye candies. I like your cute turtle pin cushion. Hehehe. I envy you for knowing how to sew. I can't even stitch a button on my shirt.


neat idea! i first made a pattern cover but it didnt fit my seat well ... then I followed a tutorial on makeit-loveit.com to recover my car seat. hers involves ripping apart the old one. i was terrified but it turned out way easier and funner than i thought. i also liked the idea of using the original batting as it kept the seat "basically the same" I am big on car seat safety but i dont think replacing the material is going to make the car seat malfunction, its the straps and the way the seat is secured that is vital. I treated mine with a flame retardant for fabrics. (i found this vital after hearing a story of an older sibllibg in the car w/ a magnifying glass shone the light on the babies car seat until the fabric actually began burning!)

Leisa Dreps

Wow oh wow! That looks like it was done by a professional! You make it sound easy, but I know I'd spend a considerable amount of time just looking for a good pattern! It's great how you were able to stitch the cloth on to the seatbelts too!

Stelle Courney

That's what you call car artistry. It's great that people find ways to improve what they have. But never sacrifice safety for style. It's an innovative car seat that will surely click among drivers.


I love the idea of sewing over the old car seat cover. I hate our Winnie-the-Pooh cover that I used for 2 previous children, but never was ambitious enough to do anything about it. #3 will have a stylish car seat.

Carson Wininger

All of your designs are great! Are you a professional interior designer? =) Children will love those tones for sure. Even adults may ask you to change their seats to make 'em just as beautiful as that.


I am working on this project right now, I found it to be a great idea!!! My only question is, I am having trouble with sewing the new to the old. I can't seem to quite get certain parts of the cover into the sewing machine. Whether it's the padding is to full or the shape of the car seat cover is to awkward, I am not having luck sewing up the seams. Any suggestions? I resorted to hand stitching a bit, but it takes forever and I don;t have another eight hours to spare to finish hand sewing the whole thing

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