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April 25, 2011


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When I last visited my grandparents' graves, I brought a picture of ThePinkThing and a stone with which to anchor it. Leaving a stone weirdly makes me feel better.


Is the tradition of leaving a stone a Jewish thing? I hadn't heard that one before.


Here is the answer of a Jew I respect a lot (didn't ask him if it was okay, so I'm not naming him):

Jacob did a very major mitzvot by placing a stone on the grave of a child.

Judaism is so steeped in mysticism that there are scriptures even for the most innocuous action, such as placing a stone. Since he did it out of pure love
and compassion, it only compounds the power of this noble deed.

Jewish tractates in talmud, kabbalah and other books speak at great depth about this action and what a soul (both giving and receiving) would expect from this deed. For the soul of the Jacob, Kabbalah indicates a "defending" angel would be created for him and at the time of judgment this angel would
speak on Jacob's behalf to show what good things he had accomplished in the world. Caring for the dead, carries a tremendous weight in the heavens and this can influence how a soul conducts himself throughout a lifetime.

For the soul of the departed child, it allows for a remembrance in the world and gives that person a gateway (chance) to have a brief time of life to
finish any business which would allow his soul to progress to a higher level. This action was attained via the stone which served as a conduit between this world and the next. It also prevents the soul from departing the grave, causing him to be lost or wondering. (Who wants Jewish zombies walking all over the place anyway ;-)

Fixing or washing a grave is one of the HIGHEST deeds one can do if they are aware of the spiritual significance attached to the action.


Interesting. Thank you.

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