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May 18, 2011


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Doug (not Muir)

That's more than our light-bulb usage, which is prodigious by any other standard. Except ours tend to go kapow instead of sizzle. And pretty much all the light bulb sockets that we haven't replaced yet are made of some odd material that tends to crumble when bulbs are changed. So we change the bulbs, the socket crumbles and after a while we get an electrician to come and put in new sockets. There are also scorch marks on a wall in the basement from *something* that happened during our tenure. Exactly what is one of those mysteries of the Second World. I think the house is settling, too, and am glad that is Not Our Problem.


Yes, ours do the same! And what's up with the sockets? Is that an ex-USSR thing? We also have light bulbs that separate from their screwy thingies and leave them behind. They are so soft and pliable, you can almost not get them out... Sigh.

Doug (not Muir)

Post-Soviet sockets of the world, unite!

Some of the light bulbs also like to separate from their bases, especially if they are in a hard-to-reach light fixture. I've left a few of them hanging like that. If we really need light from that fixture, it's turn off the circuit breaker, then gradually unscrew with the needle-nose pliers, then replace. Assuming that half the socket hasn't ablated away in the process.

Peter B. Jackson

Looks like someone needs an upgrade, old circuits can be dangerous and it's a goof thing you brought this up. Always a good opportunity as well.

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