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August 20, 2011


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Your plan looks good!

Here we will have Moving Beyond the Page, either 6-8 or 7-9 levels; Math Mammoth; probably Explode the Code for phonics; a mish-mash of art projects and study of the masters that I will put together, plus a pottery class; additional history (ancient civilizations); music with the local youth choir if she gets in; and adaptive soccer on the weekends. Her Spanish teacher grandma will continue to work on her Spanish, and I will fit keyboarding in somewhere when I figure out what program will work best with her hands. Oh, and Girl Scouts.

The little one gets Reading Eggs and Starfall, a regular nature-study preschool hour at a nature center, ballet and a beginner sports class, and anything she wants to do with her big sister. This becomes a hell of a lot of work, especially when I add in the outside activities. Yet people still believe homeschooling is somehow "less" than public school...


Wow, Carrie. Now you got me all in a funk! I had no idea you are homeschooling, I'd have asked you for pointers then! I looked it all up, of course and am awed with what your kids are doing (and you!). This is all very wonderful stuff!
Moving beyond the Page sounds great but my kids aren't gifted. They are smart and clever but really normal. The science kits look really interesting but I can't get my hands on them here. That's our problem when homeschooling without a network around us - no boy scouts, no ballet schools, no co-ops, nature centers, and very limited amazon.com delivery. But oh, I can long!
I did sign up for a free trial for Reading Eggs. Maybe Leah will be interested!
Wow. Just wow.


Reading Eggs is great! Leah loves it and had to be dragged away. Jacob can use it to reinforce some letter combinations. We're definitely getting good use out of the trial! Thanks for the recommendation.

Doug (not Muir)

Are you still in touch with Maurice at all?


Oh, we are just starting this year! And MBtP isn't just for gifted kids. I chose it because it has a variety of activities, not just worksheets, etc, for the topics covered. Hands-on activities seem to help her focus, and this program supports that. Catie's bright but I wouldn't say she's gifted, except maybe in verbal abilities. It's too hard to tell around the impulse/attention issues. And I just signed Amelia up for Reading Eggs too :-)

I am grateful there is so much around here for the kids to be a part of. I can't imagine how I'd do it if I had to teach them with no other support...what you are doing is really impressive.

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