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November 06, 2012


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Doug (not Muir)

I'll probably be up all night. Going to see if any spaces have opened up at the notionally sold-out event by Dems Abroad Berlin.

If year-round all-weather tires are good enough for Minnesota, why aren't they good enough for Germany? (My dad wondered the same.)


Oh, they are! You can totally get them. They are expensive, though. Also, I think they wear down faster? Or maybe not.

We are rough on our car, and on our tires. Lots of flats what with the driving in Armenia, Moldova, Romania. I have to tell you that in Armenia, I had tractor tires on the car and I LOVED it. I couldn't turn sharp turns (they were just a wee bit too big) but I never had a problem with flats anymore. Pity the German TÜV did not quite see it my way.

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