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April 05, 2013


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The New Diplomat's Wife

love the train photo! (well love all of them but that one stands out!) walk with sticks are a good thing, we need more of them here in DC!


These are the moments of childhood imprinted... they will never be lost for your lovely children... they are imprinting the smells, the tastes, the sights, every dried leaf crunching under foot, the delight in early spring of finding the first pussy-willow or those starter forsythia blooms... after a good walk in the woods or along the tracks on a cold grey day, the smells of hot chocolate or tomato soup or whatever beckons from the kitchen to warm the belly... these are the imprints of childhood - a childhood WELL SPENT...

They will all have time as grown teens or adults to revel in the coffeehouses and neighborhoods like Adams Morgan or Dupont Circle, or the 5th Arrondissement or Las Ramblas or Miraflores or whatever neighborhoods they discover in Bangkok, Baku, or Brasilia... the world will be their oyster largely because they were children in places where they were imprinted with such goodness, such outdoors, such foods, and travels, and books... and so much play and laughter!

I have said it before and I will repeat it... I revel in watching your family bloom and grow, I live vicariously (as a childless middle-aged woman) through their scrapes and victories. Please keep writing, photographing and sharing your worlds with us.


Your other friends in Bethesda who have only one child live such a boring life that they don't even get a mention. ;-)

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